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Afghani x Mexican x Thai Landrace Strain


24% THC


8-9 Weeks

A stunning blend of Afghani, Mexican and Thai landrace genetics, Trainwreck is a time-tested strain, proven popular amongst cannabis communities nationwide. At up to 24% THC, this strain is no slouch. Its sweet and earthy, lemon-Pledge spiciness with a hint of mint pleases the most distinguished epicurean palates. Trainwreck is auto-flowering for simplicity and feminized for a full female showdown. This herb may sound like an inevitable crash is about to happen but far from it. Medicinal consumers get a taste of real deal all-natural medicine with each puff. This strain can derail aches and pains as well as depression. If you need to get your health back on track you can trust the efficacy of Trainwreck Auto Fem. Recreationalists love the mix of indica/sativa effects and are blown away at the per m2 harvests of this auto

Trainwreck Auto

PriceFrom $10.00
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