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  • Fastest Flowering Strains
    Northern Lights - 6-7 Weeks Critical 2.0 - 6-8 Weeks Purple Kush - 6-8 Weeks Banana Kush - 7-8 Weeks Blue Widow - 7-8 Weeks Hindu Kush - 7-8 Weeks Master Kush - 7-8 Weeks Peyote Cookies - 7-8 Weeks Zkittlez - 7-8 Weeks
  • Tastiest Strains
    Blue Dream Blueberry Cherry Pie Durban Poison Forbidden Fruit Girl Scout Cookies Grape Zkittlez Grapefruit Strawberry Cough Sugar Black Rose
  • Most Mold Resistant Strains
    Durban Poison Granddaddy Purple Jack Herer Northern Lights OG Kush Strawberry Cough Super Skunk
  • Best Strains For Outdoors
    Blue Dream Blue Widow Blueberry Durban Poison Girl Scout Cookies Gorilla Glue #4 Granddaddy Purple Lemon Gorilla Northern Lights White Widow
  • Heaviest Yielding Strains
    White Rhino - 900G/M2 Afghani Jamaica - 800G/M2 White Widow - 800G/M2 Critical Mass - 750G/M2 Cement Boots - 700G/M2 Chronic Widow - 700G/M2 Gorilla Zkittlez - 700G/M2 Grape Zkittlez - 700G/M2 Mimosa - 700G/M2
  • Best Selling 50/50 Hybrid Strains
    Alien OG Blue Widow Gelato Peanut Butter Breath Pink Runtz Runtz Skywalker White Widow White Russian
  • Top 10 Best-Selling Strains
    Donkey Butter x Kush Mintz Two Hookers & an 8-Ball Peanut Butter Breath Blackberry Moonrocks Durban Poison Lumpy Space Cookies x Kush Mintz Grease Monkey Gorilla Glue #4 Michigan MindFuck Bruce Banner
  • Best Selling Sativa Dominant Strains
    Acapulco Gold Blue Dream Bruce Banner Bruce Banner 2.0 Durban Poison Girl Scout Cookies Jack Herer Strawberry Cough Trainwreck Zombie Death F*ck
  • Best Selling Indica Dominant Strains
    Donkey Butter x Kush Mintz Betty White Blueberry Do-Si-Dos Girl Scout Cookies Grandaddy Purple Michigan Mindf*uck Northern Lights Shiskaberry Kush Two Hookers & An 8-Ball
  • Highest THC Strains
    Fat Bastard - 38% Donkey Butter x Kush Mintz - 36% Blackberry Moonrocks - 33% Oreoz - 33% Moonshine Cookies - 33% Motor Breath - 33% Gator Breath - 33% Lazy Eye x Kush Mintz - 33% Anything else from our Kush Mintz line will be above 30%
  • Best Strains To Help With Pain
    ACDC Northern Lights OG Kush White Widow Blueberry Master Kush Blue Widow Girl Scout Cookies
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