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THC: 26%


8-10 Weeks

A wonderful creation of two tasty strains combined into one delicious pastry, the love child of Strawberry and Cherry Pie is a complete treat, all that’s missing is the whipped cream. This is a balanced hybrid that you can really indulge at any time of the day, but don’t sleep on the effects just because you enjoy the berry and floral tastes. This confectionary has the ability to put you out with it’s 26% THC. Even then, the 2% CBD it’s packing will soothe your body’s pain and ease the mind. This is a good one to help you relax right when you need it most. She does prefer an indoor grow, giving you 400 – 500g per meter squared.  Outdoors, she may it’s the air or maybe she’ll attract too many wild savages, but she’ll only produce a mild 80 – 150g per plant. Still, her flower time of 8 – 10 weeks will have you ready to bake in no time.

Strawberry Pie Autoflower

PriceFrom $10.00
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