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Pluto Cut of Quattro Kush x OG Kush Auto

• Available in either 3 or 6 Pack

• Cycle: 70-90 days

• Yield: 75-125 Grams per plant

• TAC: 30%

• This F3 cross from multiple cup winning cut of Quattro Kush AKA The Pluto Cut and our OG Kush Auto F4. Stocky plant with large flowers that fill their space nicely. Depending on your environment, typical flowering time is less than 80 days from sprout. She keeps growing for at least 100+ days but her quality(appearance) may diminish. Her alternative cannabinoids make her effects quite intense and certainly doesn't lack a heavy punch.

• Terpenes: Incense, sweet flowers and gasoline are her dominant terpenes

Pluto Cut Auto RF3

PriceFrom $50.00
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