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Hybrid Indica

21% THC


9-10 Weeks

Kosher Tangerine is a beautiful hybrid strain bred from the impressive genetics of Kosher Kush and Tangerine. Notorious Kosher Kush has won several awards, including the Best Indica and Best Overall strain in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Blending it with Tangerine has created a powerhouse plant with a delectable tropical flavor and high THC levels between 18 and 21%. The high is a nice blend of cerebral euphoria and body bliss which is well-loved by recreational users while also providing abundant therapeutic relief for the medicinal tokers. This strain is high on the docket for home grow operations, as the plants are easy to grow, relatively quick to flower, and generous in their bud production. Grow from seed to ensure steady access to this delicious bud.

Kosher Tangie

PriceFrom $5.00
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