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Green Crack is a hard-hitting, high-flying, euphoria-inducing, Skunk #1 backcross that is guaranteed to take you to every place you want to go. These auto-flowering seeds are quick to germinate, require no expert care, and are ready for the chop in just 7-8 weeks from the onset of maturity. Feminization takes the worry out of the mix and the big, bright, and beautifully hued buds these seeds can produce are certain to make any grower proud. Instantly energized consumers are carted off quickly to the land of hazy smiles and, just as quickly, a strict focus takes over to boost one up and carry them captivated throughout a busy trip around the sun. Sweet and sour lemon-lime, hashy woods, and rich, earthy soil are all present in the bouquet of these lovely leaves.

Green Crack Autoflower

PriceFrom $10.00
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