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Hybrid Indica

THC: 33%

Yield: 450G/M2

8-10 Weeks

Breath’s  genetics come from the popular Jungle Boys mix of Motor Breath and a unique phenotype of Triangle Kush also known as TK Bx1. Its intense, heavy-hitting effects are matched by its intoxicating aroma that brings out the profound gas or diesel-like notes of its Motor Breath ancestor. This batch of Gator Breath has a total of 24.15% cannabinoids with 2.3% terps. Gator Breath’s terpene profile is composed of Myrcene, Pinene. Beware, in larger concentrations, Gator Breath can become heavily sedating possibly leaving you couch-locked or seeing the back of your eyelids. Fruity, grape, sugary.

Gator Breath

PriceFrom $10.00
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