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Lilac Diesel #22 x Super Lemon Haze*** x (1994 Jack Herer x NL #5 x Haze) x (NYCD x Lilac Diesel Bx1) x ( Jack Herer** x NL#5 x Haze**)

**Sensi Seed Bank 1994
***Greenhouse Seed Co 2009

• Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks

• Yield: Absolute BEAST!!

• TAC: 25%

• Morphology: Extremely Vigorous and tall. Fairly long internodes with very large flowers. Long, thin leaf blades.

• Morphogenesis: Only one pheno. Spongy Flowers with large trichome heads.

• Terpenes: Sharp Lemon, spices and pine.

• Effects: Intense and uplifting. Appetite stimulant.

Ethos Haze IBL (5-Pack)

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