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This baby is a slapper!  Just like our other premium strains, these two heavily pheno hunted strains make a stunning appearance here for your enjoyment!  This cross is Super high in THC, upwards of 36%!  EXTREMELY DENSE, INSANE TRICHOME PRODUCTION.  Quick flowering times also make this an ideal plant for anyone growing on any scale.   Darkened purple leaves add a nice color to your grow area during her last few weeks as she some still continues to bulken up.  Any single branch on this plant will need to held off the ground with either yo-yos or trellis netting. Be prepared ahead of time for that, trust me.  She has a nice think stem but it's no match for the weight on each branch. You could litterally cut any branch off of one of these plants and break a window with it.  Our Donkey Butter cut ran $10,000 alone. So to be able to pick up these seeds for this price is just unreal. She has a gassy/wood taste and as you can see it stacks on the trichomes for days.  Extremely Stinky throughout bud, if smell is an issue you will need a carbon filter with this strain..  What more could you want in a plant? It's literally all pros and no cons. (3rd photo was at around 7 weeks or so)

Donkey Butter x Kush Mintz

PriceFrom $15.00
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