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When you need an auto-seed that can transform the mundane into the terrific and boost morale, Cherry Pie is the pip to pop. High THC levels and supportive CBD content make sure both recreational consumers and medicinal patients alike are seduced and satisfied. Its therapeutic properties can lay waste to maladies, and the exciting, energizing, and intensely euphoric buzz is hard to beat. Able to oust pains, muscle spasms, cramping, arthritis, and more, this strain soothes and is easily cultivated by hands of any experience level. This seed is fast, mold-resistant, and high-yielding in a well-controlled environment. The buds are attractive, sticky, and highly impactive. Fruity berry notes including cherry, blueberry, as well as citrus, spice, and earth are all present in the flavor profile

Cherry Pie Autoflower

PriceFrom $10.00
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