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Hyrbid Sativa

25% THC


10-12 Weeks

Bred through a mix of staple hybrid and ancient indica and sativa strains, Bruce Banner is a one and done weed set to deliver on all fronts. Taken in moderation, this strain can focus, uplift and retire anyone from fatigue and confusion. Taken in large doses and this wacky weed can hulk out all over you, making for a scattered, giddy and prolonged euphoria. Flavours of mixed berries, wildflowers and fuel, sandalwood, earth and spice are telltale of her lineage and make for a flower fit for connoisseurs everywhere.  Harvests are in the multitudes of ounces per plant and the buds are sticky and trichome covered, perfect for smoking or for making extracts.  Wellness benefits: Arthritis, Depression, Migraines, Stress. Effects: Energizing, Uplifting.  Aromas/Flavors: Citrus, Diesel, Lemon.  Terpenes: Ocimene, Caryophyllene, a-Myrcene.

Bruce Banner Autoflower

PriceFrom $10.00
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