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Not many hybrids come as balanced as the Black Widow, who can be calm, yet still as dangerous as her name implies. With up to 26% THC, you’ll want to be careful not going too overboard after rolling this joint up. There’s about 2% CBD sprinkled in there so that your body is relaxed as your mind is stimulated. She’s a beast whether you choose to grow her in your garden under direct sunlight or in a more controlled environment in a section of your house. She’ll give you a solid 450g per meter squared indoors, and up to 400g per plant when outdoors. The time she takes to blossom is well worth it, and in 10 – 12 weeks your dreams will come to fruition when she produces the silky sticky icky buds you’ve been yearning for. Her aroma like her taste is sweet but pungent, you might think you have a skunk in your hands but it’s only the BW spider in herbal form. If you inhale too much things can get hazy, but her aim is to leave you feeling nice and relaxed, send a chill of euphoria through your body and lift you up to your highest spirits.

Black Widow Autoflower

PriceFrom $10.00
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