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This indica dominant hybrid is the love child of Sour Apple and Animal Cookie. A beginner friendly strain that gives you up to 25% THC and 2% CBD is the perfect way to start your grow journey, or a great addition for the botanical veterans. With this auto fem there’s no need to worry about complicated light set-ups or unwanted males pollinating your delicious female buds. It is recommended that you grow this strain indoors, as you’ll get a sizeable yield of 400 – 450g per meter squared, as opposed to 80 – 180g per plant if grown outdoors. A grow tent would be perfect. Your flowers will begin to bloom in 8 – 10 weeks after your seeds sprout life through the nutrient-rich soil. She may be medium sized in stature, but she makes up for that with big benefits. She’ll tackle your anxiety, fatigue, and migraines, sending a wave of relaxation through your body with the first couple puffs. This leaves you in a euphoric bliss, and if you happen to be the artsy type, this would be the perfect time to grab your pen or paintbrush while the creative juices are flowing. Enjoy the sweet, fruity, herbal tastes Apple Fritters will leave on your tongue today.

Apple Fritter Autoflower

PriceFrom $10.00
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