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Our Feminized Photoperiod Strains - Fast Flowering

Fast flowering marijuana strains offer cultivators the perfect medium between photoperiod and autoflower variants. Photoperiod options are sturdy, strong, and potent but take longer to mature. They depend on light cycles to advance to the next stage of development.

Autoflower crops, on the other hand, have short life cycles and automatically flower without the option of extending the vegetative phase. These plants mature despite the amount of light exposure they receive. 

Fast flowering strains fall between these two extremes. They’re light-dependent like photoperiods but have short life cycles similar to autoflowers.

Fast flowering strains give growers the freedom to extend the vegetative stage using light cycles. If the crops receive more than 12 hours of light exposure, they won’t switch to flowering. 

Once you employ a 12 hour dark and 12 hour light schedule, they’ll switch to flower and mature rapidly. This is where the autoflower genetics kick in. 

More cultivators are opting for fast growing cannabis seeds for convenience. These crops flower within short time frames of around seven weeks.

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