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*These photos are of the our Moshpit cut only, as soon as we locate our photos of the cross we will post them*

Moshpit is a true mix of killer oldschool phenos with killer newer ones. On one end you have two hunted phenos of Northern Lights and Skunk.  Finding a highly desired outcome we then crossed it with a selected pheno of Alien Rock Candy.  The final result was then crossed with our lovely Kush Mintz.  As you might imagine this strain has a rather complex terpine profile, tasting musty, earthy and gracefully speckled with hints of grape. She's a 8-9 weeker, grows bushy with large colas on each branch.  She, like the rest of our Kush Mintz line is limited in production, so don't sleep on it!

Moshpit x Kush Mintz

PriceFrom $10.00
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